Who We Are

Zhejiang Xin Hua Compassion Education Foundation (“Xin Hua Education Foundation” XHEF in short) was officially registered on 2nd July 2007, approved by Civil Affairs Bureau, Zhejiang Province. XHEF is a 5A-rated public foundation focusing on education philanthropy.

Our Mission

Transforming Lives through Love & Education! We believe “education is the greatest charity” because it empowers people.

Our Vision

To Transform China from a Country with a Large Population into a Country with Great Compassion. There’s a Chinese proverb “It is better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish”. Education is a critical enabler for underprivileged people to realize their potential. The large population of China can thus become quality human resources. Ultimately, China will become a country with great compassion as we strive for common prosperity.

Our Project

XHEF has initiated and sponsored many charity projects:

  • Hope for Pearl
  • Yi Primary School in the Mountains
  • Empowering the Future: Holistic Education
  • Colorful Pearls’ Energy Courses
  • Compassion Primary Schools
  • Compassion Libraries
  • Yi Ethnic Children Class
  • One Child, One Egg
  • 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake Special Relief Case


  • 83,482 Pearl Students
  • 373 Compassion Primary Schools
  • 171 Compassion Librarys
  • 174 Compassion Book Corners
  • 757 Yi ethnic Children
  • 5,000 Children “An egg a day” Program
  • 153 Orphans & Handicapped Children
  • 430 College Students From 5.12 Earthquake
  • 671 Middle-Schools Student From Earthquake
  • ……


Listed here are some of the honors we have received.