Limited by family environment and other factors, Pearl Students have limited access to resources and platforms. Aiming at helping college students to improve their comprehensive ability and enhance their sense of social responsibility,XHEF has created a resource platform. With support from donors and volunteers, we hold camps, invite experts to give lectures, provide career consulting and organize college pearl students to participate in public welfare activities.

By hosting summer camps for “College Pearls”, we empower those young students through improving their ability of teamwork and leadership. After one week’s training in Pearls’ home, Jiaxing, the trainees convert their roles to volunteer teachers. They will be dispatched to different cooperated schools and bring wonderful camps to high school pearl students. Since 2009, 14 summer camps have been held, which benefited more than 20,000 college and high school pearl students.

Winter camps focus on alleviating college students’ confusion in career planning and preparation for entering the real society. Campers will take courses regarding vocational education and visit outstanding companies from different industries. They could practice their problem solving skills through completing a variety of tasks as well as getting a better understanding of their dreaming positions from communicating with experienced employees. Since 2017, 6 winter camps have been held, involving nearly 2,000 students from universities and workplaces.

We also set up a volunteer system to encourage more students to participate in social welfare services, which will lead the love they received to pass on.