In rural and underdeveloped areas of China, some students are doing well in school, but their family have difficulties to afford their further education due to reasons like orphans or single parent family, parents have low-wage jobs or no work at all, high medical costs, high education cost owing to uncontrolled childbirth.

To help these children, XHEF cooperates with high schools in less developed areas in China to set up a “Pearl Class” consisting of 40-50 “Pearl Students”. Each “Pearl Students” receives living subsidy of RMB 7,500, and the partner schools will waive their tuition and accommodation fees for three years.

Under the premise of ensuring worry-free school life, XHEF cooperates with the partner schools and teachers to give pearl students three years of continuous caring and companionship. During their school life we will process a series of character guidance activities, including “Character Education” course, “Experiential Activities” , ” Summer Camp”, ” Incentive Speech”, “Social Practice Study Tours” etc., aiming to strengthen their self-confidence and mental-health.

The project is a 3-year period program. It starts from signing contract with schools in Mar, then the cooperated schools visit potential “Pearl Students” family in Jul-Aug and set up “Pearl Class“. XHEF verifies the students’ information( by checking information online& talk face-to-face), in Sep -Oct and sends feedback to donors in Nove. We will record the personal information of the donors when donations finished in order to create account in our website, through which the donors can get detailed information of the pearl students they sponsored.

Hope for Pearl project started in 2004, and pearl classes were launched nationwide in 2007. By end of January 2023, there are 201 cooperative schools in 25 provinces, autonomous or Cities regions,  benefiting more than 83,482 Pearl Students.